The Dong Ho Premium Collection

Nature Melody

The first Dong Ho personalized art

Echoing Gossby's spirit of meaningful moments, this collection captures the enduring beauty and stories of Dong Ho Art. Each piece is more than just a way to express gratitude to your loved ones, it's an heirloom-worthy treasure that revives a fading legacy and lets you share a piece of world art history.


Ditch the Cliches, Choose Dong Ho Riches!
Whispering tales of love and tradition, our limited collection draws inspiration from Vietnam's vibrant Dong Ho folk art. 
Beyond Art - The Story of Dong Ho
Originating in the 17th century, Dong Ho art has been recognized as an intangible cultural heritage. With only three artisans remaining, this collection becomes a precious tribute.

The artistry utilizes handcrafted tools and natural pigments. Blended with simplified lines to create a harmonious balance, every piece celebrates the art's deep connection to the beauty of life and nature.



“A father's love is like a mountain,
unwavering and ever-present.”

Mountain Gift Set

The collection centers around the majestic mountain, a universal symbol of strength, stability, and unwavering presence. Just as the mountains stand tall against the elements, so too does a father's love provide a constant source of support and protection for family. Each piece of this gift is a small token of immense appreciation for father’s love and unwavering presence. 

A White Ceramic Mug (11oz) - adorned with personalized artwork.
• A Charming Postcard
• A Delicate Spoon
• A Stylish Wooden Coaster

Inside this beautifully designed box, you'll find:

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“A mother's love is like a flower,
delicate and yet strong”

Carnation Gift Set

At the heart of this collection lies the delicate pink carnation. In Christian legend, it represents a mother's endless love and devotion, a love that perseveres through every season, just like a mother's presence in our lives - constant and beautiful. Especially, pink carnation represents the deep gratitude and love to all Mom has done.



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A heartfelt thank you to Artist Ngo Nhu Hong

With our dedication to creating keepsakes that tell a story, this gift set transcends a simple present. It becomes a personalized reflection of your heartfelt thoughts and emotions for your parents. Each piece has been carefully designed, with every detail hand-drawn by Vietnamese artists.

This dedication to artistry ensures that this collection is truly one-of-a-kind. Bridging cultures and celebrating family, it's a way to express the depth of your love in a unique and meaningful way.

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